Silicone bullet head

  • $23.99

[precise clitoris stimulation] the tip of the bullet vibrator has a narrow edge, which can focus the vibration on the clitoris, nipples and other sensitive parts. When you're finished, you can use a flat surface to maximize vibration and reach a climax quickly!

[powerful and quiet] the surprisingly powerful clit vibrator has 10 different settings for you to try. To maintain a reputation for caution, the stimulator motor is actually silent. You can easily use it at home, in your apartment, or even in the public bathroom, and no one knows what you're doing.

[one button operation] the small size and careful design make the bullet vibrator one of the best travel vibrators we have ever seen. Wherever you go, you can easily put it in your wallet or suitcase. This atmosphere is designed to look as much like a tube of lips as possible, so it just fits.

[charging for more power] now with the USB charging cable, it's easier to charge the bullet. Just plug in a PC, laptop or USB converter to enjoy up to 1 hour of games.

[waterproof] the vibrator is waterproof, so you can almost take it with you - from the shower in the morning to the swimming pool or hot tub late at night. Other toys are easier to clean because you don't have to worry about internal leakage and damage it.