Self-priming aeroplane cup (white)

  • $36.99

[male masturbation toy with adjustable suction] remove the label on the top of the pudendal stroker to freely control the suction. Once the hole is blocked, the interior of the sex toy will enter a vacuum to simulate the suction feeling during real sex, and bring you the greatest fun through the powerful vacuum effect.

[2 in 1 men's masturbation Cup] the inner sleeve of the masturbation device can be used separately. If you use it with the outer cup, you will feel a vacuum. If you take the sleeve out of the cup, you can freely adjust the tightness and stretchable length. Both methods are easy to use. Thanks to the detachable design, this male sex toy can be easily and thoroughly cleaned.

[stimulation channel adult toy] countless lumps and folds in the masturbation cup are intertwined at subtle intervals. You can enjoy the complex stimulation from the top to the middle. The internal design is slightly rigid, making you feel the pleasure of being tightly wrapped and creating an unparalleled sense of extrusion.

[description of male sex toys] before inserting, be sure to fully lubricate the inlet with water-based lubricant, which will help to improve comfort. Before use, stick the sticker on the top of the masturbation device. After washing the masturbation cup, it is best to dry it with a hygroscopic rod to avoid direct sunlight.