Meiyoyo (blue)

  • $37.50

❥ [its innovative U-shaped design will continuously stimulate the clitoris, G-spot or anus to help you reach orgasm. Both sides of this pair of vibrators can be bent to fully adapt to any body shape. The unique magnetic charging design makes it easy to charge and use. It is convenient for you to operate anytime, anywhere and reward your desire.

❥ [double stimulation of clitoris & G-spot] whether you are single or lovers, lesbian or gay, whether you have sex or solo, this vibrator can let you enjoy a happy sex time. Achieve double stimulation of G-spot and clitoris or anus and vagina. You can use vibrators for women on any occasion you want. Whether you do yoga, go shopping or do housework. Enjoy it.

❥ [powerful vibration] it will let you enjoy 8 different stimulation modes and provide you with the best user experience. Using 8 different modes, you can switch their vibration mode according to your needs or posture. The strong vibration will make you feel overwhelmed, tremble and immersed in happiness.

❥ [high quality silica gel] we use high quality silica gel to make this pair of vibrators. Food grade silica gel is very safe, free of bisphenol A and latex, skin friendly, waterproof and odorless. Whether in the swimming pool or bathtub, you can enjoy it. Just wash it with warm soapy water. It is easy to use and clean.

❥ [privacy protection package and quality service] this vibrator is carefully packed to protect your privacy. Fast transportation will satisfy your desire. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.