GUMI Airplane Cup (Black)

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1. Realistic 3D design - this male masturbation cup is designed with lifelike genitals, including clitoris and labia. The inner vagina is stimulated by 3D vaginal muscles and rib tunnel. Each time you insert the penis, it brings you a wonderful sexual experience and increases the authenticity of sex.
2. The detachable stroker is super easy to clean. Wash the channel directly with soap under running water.
3. Health materials: non toxic super soft silica gel, feel real. Soft and elastic, safe and easy to clean.
4. The shape of the vagina is a replica of a real woman. It will make you feel like having sex with a real girl. 5. The unique pressing panel allows you to press and squeeze manually, creating different degrees of firmness for your enjoyment. 6. Ergonomic design - Super simulated human physiological design, bringing you real comfort and unparalleled feeling. 7. All-round waterproof, easy to clean, no soaking, suitable for hotels, bedrooms, etc. Enjoy anytime, anywhere, be ready and wait!
8. Careful packaging: privacy first, we deliver all products in ordinary packaging.