SHEQU , Belong to Shen Zhen Shi Mei Hui Shi Ye You Xian Gong Si. a new Internet brand, which is founded in 2014 and committed to improving the intimate relationship between young couples with stylish and simple sex products. SHEQU integrates customer feedback, R & D and manufacturing together, using Internet thinking and channels, which quickly delivers the product to consumers. SHEQU has become one of the leading brands in sex toy category on the Amazon platform and has won countless praise from loyal fans.

The design inspiration of SHEQU , not only comes from life experience of designers, but also benefits from the valuable evaluation of our faithful fans around the world. We do internal testing repeatedly, and then use our strong supply chain system and advanced production technology to output more functional, beautiful and practical products, thus leading the changes of this industry.

SHEQU inherits the Internet spirit and uses big data analysis and customer feedback system to simplify our R & D design and fans interact, develop diversified sales channels and make passion and happiness easier.